Who We Are

We are a blog founded by Brett and his cofounder, Lisa, both of whom are expatriates who moved to Singapore since over 10 and 5 years ago respectively.

Originally from the Midwestern United States (hence the name of the blog) and Switzerland respectively, we met at a local bar at Ann Siang hill in Singapore, and instantly had the idea of writing this blog together, since we also started dating together of course!

After having migrated successfully to SG, and lived in the country for a while now, we are now quite adept with answering questions that many locals have about expats, as well as the questions commonly posed by foreigners who are intending to travel to or immigrate to Singapore for good.

So make sure to check out our blog written with our hard earned experience and heart felt words!

If you have any questions or enquiries or advertising preferences on our website, reach out to Midwestern Epigraphic Society using our contact form here.


Brett from MES
A rare photo of a smiling Brett… Just kidding, he’s always friendly! Got an interesting story in SG? Grab a cup of coffee with Brett in Singapore! He likes hanging out at Ann Siang bars or at Dempsey.
Lisa, our beautiful content editor who needs a Starbucks coffee every Friday. No idea why but that’s the case!