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Booking Singapore Social Escorts Without Any Hiccups

Being intimidated by the many choices that you see online when it comes to Singapore escorts as well as differing availabilities of each of the girls can make many first time gentlemen client to Singapore very confused. To add on top of that confusion, your time doing business in Singapore may be short, and hence you are just having one evening or night free to make a booking for social escorts. If that sounds exactly like you, then this is the right place for you. Here are some quick tips for you.

Some local agencies, like SGModelEscorts which used to be the largest in the past and now SGVIPEscorts taken over the market leader in Singapore in present day, seem to focus exclusively on local escorts. While there are other agencies such as BelleDonna which seem to offer foreigners. As such, there are actually different

At any point in time if you are confused as to why some sites have their girls’ faces cut off or censored, while others may not, here are the two likely reasons why. If the photos are cut off, there is a chance that the girls are simply conservative, which is normal in South East Asia countries. If they do show their face photographs, there is an ultra high chance the girl is either a European independent working illegally in SG, or she is using a completely stolen and fake photograph – which is commonly the case if she’s Asian yet shows full face pictures.

To summarize into short succinct points:

  • There are agency escorts and freelance or independent escorts in Singapore.
  • The majority of the Singaporean girls are found under an agency like SGVIPEscorts, while the majority of independent escorts are found on sites like Skokka.
  • Not all agency websites seem to be operational, and some appear to not be responsive anymore. Many independent escort listings are actually not valid anymore as the ad are expired already but are auto renewed over and over again. Before you get too excited, make sure to contact them first to see if they are even responsive! Usually, Whatsapp or Wechat or Telegram works well for most escorts and agencies in Singapore. Email can work too in Singapore, but not every girl or site necessarily has an email contact.
  • There are both Singaporean and foreign nationality or citizenship call girls working in Singapore. While most of the foreign or international escorts working in SG are doing so illegally under tourist short term visit passes, some of them may be permanent residents or legal workers. You need to do your own due diligence.