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How To Be Discreet Meeting Escort Girls In Singapore?

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I understand whether it is because living in a country like Singapore where escorting and these girls’ services are seen as taboo, or you are a business client and world traveler who is privacy conscious, but yet you want to meet a beautiful escort girl, you probably want to use a Singapore escort service and meet escorts in Singapore only if you can do it discreetly. To find out how you can actually be doing this (meeting Singapore escorts safely and privately), we went to research the Internet for you! First of all, Richard from SG VIP Escorts recently wrote a great post addressing whether you should even feel embarrassed or proud about meeting an escort in Singapore.

But, nonetheless, here are some amazing tips we can give you to help you be as discreet and private as possible when going about your booking in SG.

Only go for legal service providers and social escorts in Singapore

Like any other country around the world, there are obviously legal and illegal service providers and call girls. If you desire to maintain your private life, then I strongly recommend and urge that you only look for legal ones, no matter your preferences.

What constitutes legal or not?

Wow, this is a whole piece of grey area, so this is just recommendations from me, and we will not accept any liabilities if you choose to take any actions upon reading.

Largely, as long as you stick to Singaporean escorts, as I have advised in my last post talking about how to book escorts without hiccups, you would have steered clear of 90% of the illegal escorts. Tourists ain’t allowed to work as escorts in Singapore, is what I found out, and as a result of this, almost all of the international independent escorts you see on websites in SG are barred from legally working. So, even for those who love these ladies, I strongly recommend you wait and only book them when you are in Europe, UK, Canada, Spain, Hong Kong or elsewhere in their own respective hometown instead of doing so in SG!

Even among local sites, you still need to do some sieving through. Obviously, not all escort agencies or escort directory websites are regulated. However, in general, those that specialize in Singaporean models are safer in this regard relatively.

Why do I recommend only legal escort listings?

While there are many clients who book and order any girl, there has been several big cases in Singapore where dodgy agencies or SG freelance girls and independent escorts either provide the services of underaged girls, or conduct illegal operations on their web page, and got exposed on the media by the police. When that happens, you can rest assured that your privacy and discreetness will be in vain. You definitely want to avoid this situation.

How then do you keep your privacy intact when booking legal social escorts?

Just because you find one, that does not automatically mean that they will help you remain discreet. It is a simple step, but simply head on over to their own websites. It is very obvious whom will protect you. You can quickly tell from their website whether they treat it as a hobby or a formal business transaction. Those which are legally registered, or have great reviews, or are mentioned on sites other than theirs like on interview sites or media features are probably safer for you.

Next, use some common sense. If the person or company does not even have their own web presence through the form of a site, and if you found ‘her’ (when ‘she’ really is a man) on sites like unregulated Locanto ad listing sites, obviously the chances of it being a scam and it just being a ploy by advertisers to take your money or privacy is high, and you should avoid this.

On the other hand, do not be a paranoid man. Most social escorts worldwide, including Singapore, require some form of identity verification and proof of location for the client. So in such a case, be a gentleman customer and provide simple details about yourself, subject to the above safe-checks I have listed above!