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How To Be Discreet Meeting Escort Girls In Singapore?

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I understand whether it is because living in a country like Singapore where escorting and these girls’ services are seen as taboo, or you are a business client and world traveler who is privacy conscious, but yet you want to meet a beautiful escort girl, you probably want to use a Singapore escort service and meet escorts in Singapore only if you can do it discreetly. To find out how you can actually be doing this (meeting Singapore escorts safely and privately), we went to research the Internet for you! First of all, Richard from SG VIP Escorts recently wrote a great post addressing whether you should even feel embarrassed or proud about meeting an escort in Singapore.

But, nonetheless, here are some amazing tips we can give you to help you be as discreet and private as possible when going about your booking in SG.

Only go for legal service providers and social escorts in Singapore

Like any other country around the world, there are obviously legal and illegal service providers and call girls. If you desire to maintain your private life, then I strongly recommend and urge that you only look for legal ones, no matter your preferences.

What constitutes legal or not?

Wow, this is a whole piece of grey area, so this is just recommendations from me, and we will not accept any liabilities if you choose to take any actions upon reading.

Largely, as long as you stick to Singaporean escorts, as I have advised in my last post talking about how to book escorts without hiccups, you would have steered clear of 90% of the illegal escorts. Tourists ain’t allowed to work as escorts in Singapore, is what I found out, and as a result of this, almost all of the international independent escorts you see on websites in SG are barred from legally working. So, even for those who love these ladies, I strongly recommend you wait and only book them when you are in Europe, UK, Canada, Spain, Hong Kong or elsewhere in their own respective hometown instead of doing so in SG!

Even among local sites, you still need to do some sieving through. Obviously, not all escort agencies or escort directory websites are regulated. However, in general, those that specialize in Singaporean models are safer in this regard relatively.

Why do I recommend only legal escort listings?

While there are many clients who book and order any girl, there has been several big cases in Singapore where dodgy agencies or SG freelance girls and independent escorts either provide the services of underaged girls, or conduct illegal operations on their web page, and got exposed on the media by the police. When that happens, you can rest assured that your privacy and discreetness will be in vain. You definitely want to avoid this situation.

How then do you keep your privacy intact when booking legal social escorts?

Just because you find one, that does not automatically mean that they will help you remain discreet. It is a simple step, but simply head on over to their own websites. It is very obvious whom will protect you. You can quickly tell from their website whether they treat it as a hobby or a formal business transaction. Those which are legally registered, or have great reviews, or are mentioned on sites other than theirs like on interview sites or media features are probably safer for you.

Next, use some common sense. If the person or company does not even have their own web presence through the form of a site, and if you found ‘her’ (when ‘she’ really is a man) on sites like unregulated Locanto ad listing sites, obviously the chances of it being a scam and it just being a ploy by advertisers to take your money or privacy is high, and you should avoid this.

On the other hand, do not be a paranoid man. Most social escorts worldwide, including Singapore, require some form of identity verification and proof of location for the client. So in such a case, be a gentleman customer and provide simple details about yourself, subject to the above safe-checks I have listed above!

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Do Singapore Escort Call Girls Really Exist Or Are They Actually Foreigners?

Lots of local Singaporean men and foreign clients are skeptical whenever they hear they can actually book a local Singapore call girl, as many are under the impression that real local nationality Singaporean escorts do not exist, and that they are all international call girls pretending to be Singaporeans to charge a far higher rate and premium for themselves. You want the short answer? Yes Singaporean escorts do exist. Are they easy to find? Only if you know how. Let me share more tips with you. Today is your lucky day!

If you are scouring the Internet and escort directories and more in order to search for a genuine SG girl, but failing to do so, then this is your ultimate escort guide to Singapore call girls.

There are namely two different ways you can contact and get a call girl for yourself. The first will be to find independent escorts whom you can usually make a booking for off a freelance escort directory. The second will be to book a girl through escort agencies. All these are easily found online through a search engine. There are real Singaporeans on directories, and there are also real foreigners in agencies, and vice versa. So how do you sieve through all these?

If you are running short on time, then you should head over to an escort agency first – reason being that the chances of you being able to book and date a real Singaporean girl off escort agencies is higher versus independent private directories. If you have more time before you need to make a booking, you can look through freelance directories as well, but because the chances of you finding a real local is lower, and you need to scour through tons more listings just to get to what you want, it is not recommended if you do not have much time in Singapore.

With that said, that does not automatically mean that every agency only provides locals, and it also does not mean that every agency is legitimate with their listings. Some misrepresent, some are illegal, so you need to know what you are doing. Here are some general guidelines that you may want to follow when it comes to this.

First of all, read their own agency site. This is easiest step that you should do. Some of them publicly tell you that they only provide international girls, while others tell you that they provide locals only. Obviously, you want to sieve out those with international escorts only because that is a waste of your time for this adult entertainment purpose!

Second of all, find a few, usually less than a handful is more than sufficient. Then you want to put their brand names through a search engine search like Google so that you would save time and potential pain if they have bad reviews or no good reviews. A quick 5 second search for their brand names will usually reveal anything fishy like no one else talking about them – which is often a red flag. Sieve those out again.

Third of all, out of the remaining listings of the escort agencies, you may want to contact them and provide them with your booking details and information for fast verification process. You have already done necessary research above and should only be down to legal service providers with the above steps, so your privacy will almost always be sufficient at this point in time to provide them with your details for fast turnaround time for the agency. Once you have provided them with your booking details, they will usually get back to you with an exact confirmation as to which escort is available. Once you gotten that list, it is now your time to make a booking decision. Think about which escort you desire to date at this point in time today.

Once you have found a trustworthy escort agency, I strongly recommend you stick to it no matter who they are. They are a rare find in Singapore when it comes to real SG girls and a legal provider!

You definitely want to avoid illegal providers selling prostitution online as that is illegal in Singapore, and if their agency goes down, your privacy goes away as well when investigations set into place into their agencies. There is way more than a fair share of illegal service providers and international foreign call girls otherwise pretending to be locals. It is literally a cesspool other than if you have found a good agency or freelance girl.

So stick to the above time proven tips, and 99.9% of the time, you should do just fine when it comes to booking Singapore escorts!

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Is SG Less Conservative With More Escorts, Sugar & Alternative Dating Platforms Now?

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Escorts have been around in Singapore for a while now, since the past. However, some say in recent years, there has been more and more escorts popping up, both agencies as well as freelance websites, and there are also controversial platforms like sugar dating website Seeking Arrangement, cheating website Ashley Madison (which is now banned in Singapore – is blocked by IMDA) and more.

Is Singapore truly becoming less and less conservative with the Internet? Or has it simply exposed what was already the case, and the Internet just made all these seem more apparent?

Having come from the USA, escorts, sugar dating and whatnot are no big deal at all. They are common as a dime in the USA. However, these are very controversial topics in Singapore. After having lived in Singapore for over 10 years of time now, I know that the local people still view such things as taboo. If you want to know how to retain your privacy during your appointments, here is how to be discreet meeting these social escorts and ladies.

Such alternative forms of dating probably already existed in Singapore long ago

However, I strongly believe that such demands and supply of escorts, sugar babies and even desire to cheat in a relationship have existed long ago, just that it is strongly shunned and seen as largely taboo especially in a country with an Asian culture like Singapore.

It is just recently that dedicated Internet platforms for Singaporean people now exist

In the past, social escorts used to be found in the classified ads section of The Straits Times as well as the Yellow Pages. In this day and age, you find them online on places like SG VIP Escorts for local nationality escort girls (they even have a media feature here) and platforms like Skokka for foreign nationality freelance ladies.

Sugar babies used to be regular girls who were picked up by rich men and arrangements are made with them privately offline in the past perhaps in bars or clubs. It is simply moving onto online platforms now like Seeking or The Sugar Book.

Cheating has long existed – that is why you hear many divorce cases as well as marriage laws changing with the years. However, I believe that the local government did the right thing when it came to banning the Ashley Madison platform in Singapore. It is explicitly encouraging people and users to destroy families and couples who are already together.

Sometimes, the Internet just make it seem as if it suddenly all happened, when all it did was just bring light and attention to them

The growth of the Internet as well as online social media platforms sharing such news is what made them seem far more widespread.