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Finding Love In Singapore By A Singaporean Dating Expert!

expat couple dating in Singapore

As you might have already known, while Lisa and I met at a local Singapore bar at Ann Siang Hill, many of my expatriate friends who migrated to Singapore were not that lucky! In fact, some of them are still struggling with dating in Singapore. So to help out these friends as well as many other expats throughout Singapore on dating, I have enlisted the help of a local Singaporean dating expert from a local dating agency and matchmaking consultant in Singapore to advise us on this topic! The following are some of the tips that we have learnt from them and are now sharing with you.

If you are a guy looking to date in Singapore:

Singaporean ladies still love a man who takes the initiative and approaches her and confidently

While there are some people who may give out advice that Singaporean girls do not like to get approached, and that they are unresponsive to men being too overt with their intentions, that is certainly not true. They will only be unresponsive and appear to be turned off if you are untactful in doing it! However, lack of actions won’t get you the girl either.

So definitely still be confident and be the one that takes the initiative in approaching the girl and asking her out of a date! This simple but powerful tip still works really successfully in Singapore!

The truth is that money, or more specifically, financial stability in a man is seen as particularly important in Singapore when it comes to dating

Having more money and success never hurts your chances of dating success. However, there is a slight difference when it comes to the local dating scene.

Stability is seen as more important than the actual amount of money you make, as long as you make more money than the lady. While in certain parts of the world, girls may go for the richest guy they can get, this is not the case in Singapore. You just need to make more than the girl. However, financial stability is seen as the more important factor within. For instance, that is the reason why even though most investors and businessmen may make much more money than lawyers and doctors, lawyers and doctors are seen as traditionally ‘safe’ jobs which will provide them with income forever, and it is this financial stability which appeals to the vast majority of the Singaporean girls.

Being generous helps you gain a lot of advantage with dating SG girls!

One of the biggest issues that many Singaporean girls have with the locals is that the local guys tend to be very stingy when it comes to their efforts, actions and money. This does not mean that the locals want you to splurge on them. In fact, that can potentially give them unnecessary pressure to reciprocate in one form or another. However, for instance, for most normal meals and small gifts, definitely be generous and pay for it. If she needs help physically, go over to her and help her out. Be generous in every sense, without being creepy, and you will definitely gain lots of points in her eyes!

If you are a girl finding love in SG:

Get into a stable workout routine and get relatively slim

While there are exceptions, the vast majority of Singaporean men generally prefer a girl who is generally slim. While they do not like stick thin girls, they are not that much into curvy ladies as much as the Western world.

Be seen as a little more feminine by the guys

Femininity is seen as a very strong attraction factor by the Singaporean men, and they are strongly attracted to it. Perhaps it is due to the local Asian culture, where they gravitate towards men being the figuratively stronger sex while women are the feminine one, if you want to appeal to the locals when it comes to dating, and get a boyfriend easily in Singapore, then be seen as more feminine.

This can range from things like the way you behave and talk, all the way to your dressing.

If you want advice for your physical appearance which will most definitely appeal to the vast majority of SG guys, then keep your hair long and silky, no perm, wear dresses or a fitting top with jean shorts.

Drop heavy and explicit hints to the guy you like

In general, the men here seem to take less initiative in general when it comes to approaching girls and asking them out for a date. Also, they do not respond to hints well. And to make matters more complicated, they still prefer to be the one approaching the girl.

Therefore, if you like a guy, drop overly explicit hints to him bordering on the line of confessing to him without telling him that. Then combine that with the above tips and help him woo you.