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Article Title j-journal
Aztecan Snake Art, Dahlemdorf, Berlin j17-2 78 bottom & right
Comments on the Aleuts j11 79 bottom right
Earth Mother sacred Language: A Key to Ancient Names Worldwide Columbus OH 1st Edition, April 10, 1998 j10-1, 23-33
Ice Age Swastika from Mezin in Ukraine: Interpretation of a Basic Symbol of Mankind j15 73-78
Ptolemaic Religion is a Unique Attribute of Burrows Cave Art n25-3
(Reprint) Ancient American
#79 p. 15
Selected Bibliography on Chinese Exploration of and Cultural Diffusion to Ancient America j18-19 15-20
Selected Bibliography on Linguistics of John J White III (1939- ) Ancient Science and Technology Center Special Publication 2008
Symbolism Observed at the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center n25-1 5 Right Column
The Cherokee and the Hopewell n21-4 5
The Slaves and the TU-KU-HUN j16-2 5 bottom right
Yellow Mouse Legend of the Dene j15 72 bottom & right