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Scheduled Trips

1. Middle Fork Rock Shelter in Kentucky - August 10-12, 2009        See 2002 Site Visit

This trip centers around the rock shelter ogam translator Michel Boutet and his son Arnaud, who will join MES and interested parties for an extended trip. Michel plans to have the complicated ogam message translated by then and will have a chance to verify the ogamic script and the translation. In addition, geologist and MES member Scott Wolter and his professional video team will document the site.

Still in the planning stage: Optional side trip to nearby Clay County ancient script sites, with guide Jim Burchell. Note: This will be an additional day or two to the trip.

For motel reservation [By July 2, 2009 please]
Click Buckhorn Lake listed under State Resort Parks Go There and follow reservation directions. Refer to our MES confirmation number RBH083E6, the "Epigraphic Group" or other discount options (such as AAA). Also you can get a map on this web page.
Or you can call: (800) 325-0058
For trip detail, contact Bev Moseley (614) 269-3295 or Jim Leslie phone: (614) 475-3430 or email: Web Master

Middle Fork Artifact

In the photograph, the celts or wedge-shaped objects with hi-lited script characters were reportedly dug up near or inside the rock shelter. Beverley Moseley thinks they might have been used to write the ogam strokes, then lost or discarded. The photo was sent to Michel Boutet the first of the year. Here is his response:

Wow, great insight! I've always wondered about these knife shaped stones. I have always been worried they might be similar to the Aztec sacrifice stones. The Ogham lines seem to confirm Bev's hunch.

/| |||| : |||| : Th / Ts ? ; S/N ; a ; C (k ) ; o ; C (k )
\||||| .

(ts) SaKoKo compare with Old Ojibway proto-algonquian root : *Šakoçi? = "beat", "overcome" or Old Celtic *Secoc- (seco v. "to cut").

Hopewell Culture Nation Historical Park Guided Tours

A HCNHP offcial will conduct public guided tours of the Seip Earthwork, the Hopeton Earthwork, Spruce Hill and Hopewell Mound Group at the dates and times specified: Hopewell Culture NHP

Developing Trips

1. Murray Chamber and Tunnel in Ohio

Jim Leslie is working through the Holmes County Historical Society for owner permission, which at the moment looks in doubt. But there is still hope. The plan is for the tunnel chamber to be open for a few days for visitations by not only MES but also the HCHS members and the Ohio Historic Society Preservation Office with geological and masonery experts.

2.Glenford Fort

Rich Moats can probably guide us to this hilltop "fort" in late September. More on this later.

Past Trip Reports

2007 Stable Rock An Ancient Zodiac Site ?
2007 Summer Picnic
Old Stone Fort 2007
March 2006 Spruce Hill
April 2006 at Newark Octagon
2006 Winter Walk with White
2007 Boutet Quarter Meeting Visit
2007 Ash Cave Trip
2007 Falls of the Ohio Trip