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MES Members Publications

Scott Wolter's new book is out! Hooked X "Akhenaten to the Founding Fathers: The Mysteries of the Hooked X".

Detail Recording of Petroglyphs Member Daniel L Merrill tells how - without damaging rock art, lichens or patina.

"Asiatic Echoes: The Identification of Chinese Pictograms in North American Rock Writing", by John Ruskamp.

"... For centuries, researchers have been debating if, in pre-Columbian times, meaningful exchanges between the indigenous peoples of Asia and the Americas might have taken place... On these pages, the reader will find written evidence that in pre-Columbian times multiple meaningful intellectual exchanges took place between Asiatic and North American populations. Using the novel integration of the legal construct of substantial similarity with the comparative statistical tool of Jaccard's Index of Similarity, the Chinese script origin of 24 North American petroglyphs is firmly established.... Here is epigraphic proof that Asiatic explorers not only reached the Americas, but that they interacted positively with native North American people, long before any European expedition to the continent began..."

John's book is available at Amazon .

"The Secret of Kunyu Wanguo Quantu - Chinese Mapped the World"    By Siu-Leung Lee PhD, Columbus, Ohio. The English version will appear in a year (2013).

"The farthest destination of Zheng He's voyages has  been a 600-year mystery. There are also unresolved puzzles about the early history of America. This book is focused on the 1602-world map "Kunyu Wanguo Quantu". By analyzing place names, geography, etymology, and remarks on the map, comparing to over 600 maps drawn between  the14th and the19th century, as well as primary documents of world history, it is found that the 1602-map is incompatible with an authorship by Matteo Ricci or European cartographers. The map is actually based on information possessed by Chinese about 160 years ago. This  leads to the shocking and unequivocal conclusion that Ming Chinese not only visited America and Australia at least 50 years before Columbus. They are the ones who mapped the new continents.  The Ming Chinese were the true pioneers of the Age of Great Exploration. The European maps of the 15th-16th century were drawn by fragmentary information scattered along the routes of Zheng He's voyages. Employing the logic of forensic science, the author challenges the three dogma of modern history, fills the missing gap of Zheng He's records, and solves a 600-year historical cold case"It will be published by Linking Publishing Co (Taipei/Shanghai).

S-L's second book on the analysis of the Ming medallion unearthed in America with accompanying evidence of Ming Chinese landing in America is in the final draft.

Available from the: Author .

"Iron Age America Before Columbus", by William D Conner

The story of MES member Bill Conner's life-long investigation into the ancient iron furnaces scattered about south-center Ohio along Deer and Paint Creeks and the Scioto River culminated in the publication of his opus, Iron Age America Before Columbus .

Available at Coachwhip Books .

"Gaelic and Germanic Rock Art in Kentucky", by Jim Burchell

Jim Burchell, a lifetime resident of Clay County, has pursued petroglyph research found on cliff faces and caves in southern Kentucky. He presents his latest findings in an artful all-color book of 25 pages.

Contact Burchell at: eMail .

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Report on the Murray Tree Farm Tunnel Chamber 33-HS-237 and Cairn 33-HS-238 by Jim Leslie

A 35-page supporting document for the registration of the Ohio Murray Tunnel Chamber and Cairn complex in the National Register of Historical Places, using past Journal articles, diagrams, and unpublished photographs to describe this Ohio "one-of-a-kind" structure.
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