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Coming Symposiums/Meetings:

Nov 1 & 2, 2014 Ancient Ohio Valley Copper Conference at the Washington Community Building, 501 Burkhart Dr, Washington IN 47562. Information

Mystery Stone Structures:
Gobekli Tepe Video

Great Videos
Ancient Celts in America
Celts and Indians More than Cousins?
Cueva de Los Tayos The Crespi Project
Phoenician Inscriptions
Ice-Age Discovery of the Americas Dr Dennis Stanford Talks
Across Atlantic Ice Book authored by Stanford & Bruce Bradley
Ancient Artefacts

Machu Picchu:
Road to the Sky
Decoded Part 3 of 4

Academic Articles:
Ice-free Corridor ? Thesis shows an ice-free corridor not feasible until 11,000BP - after Clovis appeared
Minoan Oil Mining in Pennsylvania?

MES Videos :
Buckhorn aka Middle Fork Ogham Site

Old Maps :
    Mississippi River     Map Translation     Great Lakes Map

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What's New?

New Journal Editor

  Dr. Siu-Leung Lee is the new Journal Editor. He is author of two books in Chinese, “Deciphering the 1602 Chinese world map – Chinese mapped the world before Columbus” and “Implications of a Ming medallion unearthed in America – Pre-Columbian Chinese connections”.
He is the President of Zheng He Society of the Americas, headquartered in Rockville, Maryland.
He has given many lectures, hosted by Academia Sinica (Taipei), China University of Foreign Affairs, Beijing University, Tsinghua University, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong Branch of Royal Geographic Society & Hong Kong History Museum.
Submit articles for consideration: jrneditor@midwesternepigraphic.org

Fall Quarter Meeting Saturday Nov 8, 2014 Community Room, Easton Mall>

Christmas Holiday Sunday Dec 14, 2014 Giammarco's, 6030 Chandler Ct, Westerville - Same place as last year

Jon Haskell's new web

History of the Swastika
10 Incredible Texts
Man in N America 50,000 years ago
Mayans in Georgia
Scott Wolter's second series America Unearthed
Who Were the Ancient Sea People?
Ice-free Corridor? - Never Happened!

Visitor Information - The Midwestern Epigraphic Society researches the ancient migrations of mankind around the world especially Pre-Columbian to the Americas and particularly to the Midwest US, as revealed by cultural similarities, archaic writing, ancient world history and evidence found by modern science.
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Evidence of Contact
Stone Works
  Gunung Padang - Ancient Terraced Pyramid in Indonesia
    Murray Tunnel Chamber
    A Ft Ancient Stone Serpent

    Video Viking Runes Short video of Viking ship petroglyph in Quebec
    Kensington Rune Stone crypto analysis by Howard Burtness
    Did the Chinese Discover America features Dr S L Lee
    Belitung Shipwreck in Indonesia (1998)
    1434 Gavin Menzies Home Page
    Chinese coin in Africa
Fauna & Flora
    Diffusion of Plants & Animals before 1492
    Archives of Cultural Exchanges
    The Duhar Dark Irish in the Carolinas! Fireworks, deer herds and more...
    Genes Link Australia with India Migration from India to Austrailia
    Celtic Ogham in Utah
    Translating the Indus Script
    The Proto-Ogams Neolithic Ogam
    The Great Long Tailed Serpent Iconographic study of Serpent Mound
    Southwestern Iberian Stones A discussion of the translation
    Ptolemaist Celtiberians Some BC artifacts with Celtiberian symbols
    The Weissenhorn Tablets Nine inscribed stones found in southern Germany

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    Who Discovered America? Gavin Menzies and Ian Hudson new book
    Hooked X "Akhenaten to the Founding Fathers: The Mysteries of the Hooked X" by Scott Wolter
    Asian Echoes second edition by Dr John Ruskamp
    Detail Recording of Petroglyphs Daniel L Merrill tells how - without damaging rock art, lichens or patina.
    Fusang Lam Yee Din Symposiun Talk Notes.

Other Resources
    Past Symposiums & Field Trips

Books and Online Articles
    E P Vining Book: The Inglorious Columbus
    Charles G. Leland Book: Fusang; or the Discovery of America by Chinese Buddhist Priest in the Fifth Century
    Pale Ink by Henriette Mertz
    Academia Read Member WEB Articles
    Migration & Diffusion      Austrian ethnologist Dr Christine Pellech hosts this webpage - Another place for members & friends' articles...

Selected Bibliography
    Stephen C Jett Publications 91 pages docx format
Pre-Columbian American History Vincent J Moody