Victor Conway Moseley (1923-1989),DFMES, the founder and first President of MES - the Midwestern Epigraphic Society. His interest in epigraphy began in 1981 when he was researching the Grave Creek Tablet for inclusion in the exhibit at the Delf Norona Museum at Moundsville, WVa. He wrote Barry Fell and eventually visited Dr. Fell at his home.

Studying a number of epigraphic sites in the Midwest, Dr. Fell suggest the formation of a chapter in Ohio of Fell's parent Epigraphic Society. Near the end of 1983, Victor and his brother Beverley Moseley, along with about twenty-some Midwestern individuals officially formed a chapter, MES.

Before this Victor had studied journalism at The Ohio State University. WWII interupted his studies and Victor was in a the US Army, serving as a topographic engineer at MacArthur's Headquarters in Australia. In the Korean conflict he received the Bronze Star from Col. John Eisenhower. He then had a career in communications and advertising design and production. He retired in 1980 after twenty years in real estate marketing. Victor then applied his avocation interests when he hoined a company devoted to the design of museum exhibitions. His artist brother, Beverley also worked with him during this time.