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A Response to John R Krueger's Criticisms
    The Mongolians Migration to America in 1233
j12/13 80-81
A Diffusionist View of the Origins of Upper and Lower Egypt and on the Genesis of Civilization Generally j11 81-92
A Mouse Deity with Pointed Snout in Colorado j16-2 61-62
An Annotated Transcription of the Newark Hebrew Decalogue Stone v7 36-74
Ancient America did not Influence Egypt 18/19 46 Rt Col
Ancient Ship Petroglyph in Pennsylvania
Admiral Piri, Amerigo Vespucci, & Utopia j16 n1 95-117
Autobiography of Ethel Georgina Stewart j10 n1 1-4
Aztecan Snake Art, Dahlemdorf, Berlin j17 n2 78 bottom & right
Barnesville Yonic Ogham J1-N2
Brandenberg Stone
Briton Monument at Logie, Celtic Interpretation. Circular Ogam Inscription nv15 n3 2
Buckhorn Cave Shelter Artefacts j22-23 130-131
Buckhorn Cave Shelter Petroglyphs j22-23 117-129
Burrows Cave, A Celtiberian Cache! v11 47-75
Burrows Cave LE Sigil 1
Burrows Cave: Stone on Jack Ward Booklet, Translation of nv17 n1 14-18
Burrows Cave Translation: The Lord Dagos Motif Stone v12/13 45-54
Cherokee Hopewell ? n21-4 3-5
City of the Golden Horn j12/13 123-127
Cob Hill Site
Comments on the Aleuts j11 79 bottom right
Comments on White's Swastika Interpretation j16-1 90
Dating and Origins of the B-Cave Complex v7 23-26
Earth Mother sacred Language: A Key to Ancient Names Worldwide Columbus OH 1st Edition, April 10, 1998 j10-1, 23-33
Funeral Precession Around the Tents: Festival of the Vernal Equinox j15 67-72
Greek Place Names in South America j15 53-55
Historification of Beowulf, Contemporary of King Arthur nv15 n1 2
Ice Age Swastika from Mezin in Ukraine: Interpretation of a Basic Symbol of Mankind j15 73-78
Indian Fort Mountain j4-2 AA #75
In Memory of Joseph B Mahan Jr (1921-1995) j9 19
Indologist Confirms Maize in Ancient Sculptures v12/13 43-44
Kentucky's Stable Rocks
Landing of Chanes
Letter to the Editor: Murray Farm Tunnel
Man and Myth: Past and Present j20 20-23
Map of Mississippi, Burrows Cave Stone v8 *Note (btm of page 36)
Orgamic Sunbursts - From Troy to American Northwest v12/13 117-121
Ogamic Troy: The Horse Goddess and her Domestic Colleague v9 93-96
Ogamic Warship from the Eastern Mediterranean v10 n1 75-78
Pig Pen Site
Pecular Rock Cairn
Poverty Point n25-1 3-5
Pre-Columbian Oil Mining in Ancient Pennsylvania
Putnam County Stone Chamber Ogam
Ptolemaic Religion is a Unique Attribute of Burrows Cave Art v25 n3
(Reprint) Ancient American
#79 p. 15
Ptolemist Celtiberians Across the Atlantic v17 n1 83-87
Selected Bibliography on Chinese Exploration of and Cultural Diffusion to Ancient America j18/19 15-20
Selected Bibliography on Linguistics of John J White III (1939- ) Ancient Science and Technology Center Special Publication 2008
Southwestern Iberian Stones 22-23 j114-116
Symbolism Observed at the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center n25 n1 5 Right Column
The Aleuts and the Aleutians j11 76-79
The Bat Creek Patina v7 79-81
The Burrows Cave Astronomical and Astrological Tables v189 107-123
The Cherokee and the Hopewell nv21 n4 5
The Death of the Last King of Hsi-Hsia in Dene Tradition j18/9 87-91
The Dene Tribe Known as the Slaves j16 n1 79-80
The Dhoen-On j17 n2 76-78
The Egypto-Libyan Presence in Precolumbian America j9 33-37
The Great Long Tailed Serpent
The Heavener Runestone j14 Cover, 20-25
The Leighton Kentucky Ogams v14 120-134
The Migration and Identity of Dene and the Na-Dene j8 7-12
The Minoan Culture Response: The Feminine Emphases j18-19 47-55
The Murray Farm Tnnel Chamber
The Newark Hebrew Stones: Wyrick's Letter to Joseph Henry v6 n1 5-10
The Primer on Earth Mother Sacred Language (EMSL) and Related Linguistics Papers Columbus OH 1st Edition, April 10, 1998 jv10-n1, 23-33
The Sea Peoples
The Proto-Ogams v17 n2 89-96
The Shrine of Santiago de Compostela j11 107-110
The Sioux and the Atsina j14 87-89
The Sittichinli j15 123-124
The Slaves and the TU-KU-HUN j16 v2 5 bottom right
The Teya of New Mexico and Peel River j9 87-90
The Tlagga-Silla j10 n2 57-58
The Uto-Aztec Migration j10 n1 13-14
Thompson of Yucatan j14 54-56
Turkish Origins of the Dene and the Na-Dene "Indians" of North America j16 n2 51-60
U-TA-CHOH-KIEOU, The Sailor: Father Petitot in the Tents of the Kutchin j17 n1 71-73
Visit to Morocco, 1996 j10 n1 15-19
Weissenhorn Tablets j24
Whence Come the Cree j9 45-46
Written Rock Site
Yellow Mouse Legend of the Dene j15 72 bottom & right